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Staff and Teachers

Rolling Hills Elementary School Staff Information

Office / School phone number: 1-858-672-3400
24-7 Attendance Hotline: 1-858-672-0857


Name Position  Email
Mindy Davis Principal  [email protected] 3205
Juana Molina TOSA [email protected]  
Vickie O'Neal Administrative Assistant [email protected] 3201
Kathy Scott Health/Attendance  [email protected] 3203
Geraldine Lapid Office Assistant II [email protected] 3210
Susan Poole Library Resource Technician [email protected] 3160
JeVaye Sanders ESS Supervisor [email protected] 3206
  Custodian   3150


Name E-mail
Phone Ext.
Evangelina Sioco [email protected] 3130
Co-taught Preschool
Shelly Kahn [email protected] 3129
Deborah Alvarez [email protected] 3129
Structured Support Kindergarten - 2nd
Terri Stanford [email protected] 3101
Structured Support  3rd - 5th
Joan Grohman [email protected] 3116
Transitional Kindergarten
Jackie Sweet [email protected] 3107
Heather Schiltz [email protected] 3108
Paulina Deeley [email protected] 3103
Bea Kropf De Castro [email protected] 3104
Shannon Quintanilla [email protected] 3102
First Grade
Chiara Lawless  [email protected] 3106
Jessica Brown [email protected] 3110
Lisa Harvey [email protected] 3105
Second Grade
Jennifer Iverson [email protected] 3120
Heather Noerr [email protected] 3113
Heather Rodriguez [email protected] 3114
Third Grade
Jessica Blattman [email protected] 3117
Jamie Sanders [email protected] 3111
Jessica Kuharik [email protected] 3121
Melissa Bates [email protected] 3109
Fourth Grade
Kelly Coate [email protected] 3112
Lisa Mallory   [email protected] 3119
Fourth + Fifth Grade
Emily Sunseri [email protected] 3118
Fifth Grade    
Monica Sturhann [email protected] 3123
Stacy Herman [email protected] 3124


Position Name / Position Email Extension
Band (Thurs - 5th grade only) Tara Nijhowne [email protected] 3163
Cafeteria     3164
Counselor/Counseling Corner Pete Sterk [email protected] 3103
Custodian, Night Pat Torio   3150
English Language Learners Marie Oasin [email protected] EB25
ESS Direct Line   858-672-0261 EB28
ESS Supervisor JeVay Sanders [email protected] 3206
Occupational Therapist Lorena Gomez    
Psychologist Chantilly Singh [email protected] 3153
RSP  Ashley Nickolic [email protected] 3115
Speech Sarah Ahmed [email protected] 3157
Student Support Services Florence Chang [email protected] 3150