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Principal's Message



If a student is unable to attend school due to illness OR any other reason, notify the Absence Hotline (858) 672-0857, this is a 24 hour line. When calling the HOTLINE, be sure to leave the following information:
  • Student’s Name
  • Grade and Room Number
  • Day(s) and Date(s) of Absence 6
  • Reason for Absence (give a brief description)
  • Expected Date of Return
  • Name and Relationship of Caller Students absent due to contagious diseases may be required to have a note from their physician or the public health department before returning to school.
The state has strict guidelines for excused absences. Vacations, weddings, and many other personal leaves from school count as unexcused absences. (Please review ADDENDUM TO THE ANNUAL NOTIFICATION OF PARENTS/STUDENTS RIGHTS for detailed information. Ed. Code 48205.)



The California State law requires students to be in school except for the following reasons: • Illness • Medical or dental appointments • Funeral services for an immediate family member • Religious observances Students sent home for illness or absent on the day of any school event (day or evening) should not return to school to attend the event. All other reasons are “unexcused.” An Off Campus Independent Study Contract (OCIS) may be requested (please allow as least 2 weeks advance notice) for personal absences of 5 days or more. Information is available in the school office. Teachers will provide work for students that are absent less than five days when an Off Campus Independent Study contract cannot be issued. Please check with the teacher. Please see the back page of this booklet for the school district vacation schedule. We request that you plan your family vacations accordingly so that your child(ren) has optimum school attendance.



A student who needs to leave school during the day for an appointment must be checked out from the office by the parent or legal guardian. If they return during the same day, they must also check back in with the office. The person checking out the student must be listed on the student’s registration form in the office. Please be prepared to show picture identification. We ask that appointments be made after school hours.



Rolling Hills has a Health Services Technician on staff to provide first aid, assist students with medication, care for ill students and respond to emergencies. In case of student illness at school, the health technician will notify a parent, guardian or authorized emergency contact. No registered nursing services are provided at the school on a daily basis. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Parents are requested to apply sunscreen prior to your child’s participation in school activities.

NOTE: Sunscreen, cough drops, lip balms, etc. must also have a note from the parent on file and be kept in the health office to be monitored by school personnel.



Both prescription and nonprescription medications (aspirin, cough drops, lip balm, etc.) require a written statement (Authorization for Medication Administration form # H-26) from the parent/guardian and physician indicating a desire for school personnel to assist the student as set forth in the physician’s statement. Forms are available on the district website's Health Services page. This Policy is to ensure the safety for all of our students. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this medication policy, please feel free to call the school office. 



  1. Students too ill to participate in normal activities and/or adequately function in the classroom setting should be excluded from school attendance.
  2. Students with an oral temperature of 101 degrees or above, with no other symptoms, should be excluded until the temperature returns to normal for at least 24 hours.
  3. Student with vomiting and/or diarrhea should be excluded until vomiting/diarrhea has stopped for at least 24 hours.
  4. Students with suspected contagious disease (i.e., rash) should be excluded until released by medical care service (preferably in writing), or until symptoms are no longer present.
  5. Students with known contagious diseases should have written approval to return to school.
  6. Students who have undergone a medical procedure requiring general anesthesia should stay home for at least 24 hours.
  7. Students with upper respiratory infections (symptoms: persistent nasal discharge that is purulent or discolored, oral temperature 100 degrees or above [“under the arm” auxiliary temperature 100 degree or above], productive cough, excessive coughing) should stay at home until all symptoms are gone for 24 hours or a written medical release is obtained.
  8. Students receiving antibiotic medication may attend school when they have been taking the medicine for 24 hours. (Prepared by: District Health Services)